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Solid Oak Kitchens in Pavilion Gray: November’s Colour of the Month

Posted by admin on November 12, 2014 at 9:11 am. Filed under: Products
Solid Oak Kitchens in Pavilion Gray

With the nights getting so cold and the rain lashing down on your window, you’d be forgiven for thinking that grey might not be the most comforting hue for your interiors. On the contrary, grey is fast becoming one of the most fashionable colours to use in solid oak kitchens and many other living spaces. It can be a soothing, warm alternative to many of the more traditional ‘neutral’ shades.

Pavilion Gray sits somewhere in the mid-range of Farrow & Ball’s wide selection of greys, right between Elephant’s Breath (our Colour of the Month back in June) and their darker Lamp Room Gray.

Alongside crisp white accents, Pavilion Gray brings warmth to a room, peaking with a red tincture in warm winter light, and blue tones in bright summer sun. Besides its obvious companionship with New White, it sits beautifully alongside dark blues such as Farrow & Ball’s Pitch Blue, as well as dark blacks and greys.

It was reportedly Gustav III of Sweden’s favoured interior shade of grey, used widely throughout his pavilions at Haga castle during his 18th century rule, and was commonly found alongside paints mixed using natural pigments of blue and white.

Would you like to see what Pavilion Gray would look like in your home? Why not order one of our pre-painted door samples? These solid oak miniature doors are just £20 including delivery; an ideal choice if you’d like to get to know what a colour will look like in different lights and at different times of the day.


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